Today, IP management is a staple of a successful company¡¯s long-term capability in developing products and services, making a company¡¯s ability to carefully examine their IP portfolios tantamount to their success. In turn, traditional patent, trademark, and copyright licensing agreements have become increasingly intricate in the attempt to maximize IP potential.

YOU ME¡¯s Licensing and IP Management Team of patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law, and foreign counsel, all possess advanced degrees in related fields, such as Business Administration, Political Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Material Science, IP Law, etc., allowing them to work with clients to make quantitative and qualitative assessments of their IP options and helping them to realize their total IP assets.

Our broad knowledge and experience allows us to provide clients with comprehensive IP services, including:

    Negotiating and developing alliances between companies;
    Preparing and drafting joint research agreements;
    Providing counsel on litigation settlements involving licensing;
    Performing due diligence for IP aspects of mergers and acquisitions;
    Preparing and drafting technology transfer agreements;
    Handling the on-going administration of licenses and royalty payments;
    Arbitrating disputes or litigations arising from IP agreements.
Our Licensing and IP Management Team has the capacity to help clients fulfill their global IP potential, with both short-term and long-range IP management strategies aimed at their individual needs.

Kim, Won-Ho Song, Manho Choi, Hyunseok
Oh, Wonseok Lee, Wonil Jeon, Eung-Jun
Kim, David Hunjoon (US) Park, Seong-In Kim, Ja-young
Song, Anna Insoon (US) Jun, Andy Jhuheon (US) Kwon, Helena Hyunah (US)
Shin, Dong-Hwan Kim, Yoon-Gon (US) Choi, Martin Dongsoon (US)
Kim, Kyu-Hyun Kim, Sarah (NZ, AUS)