Korea, China and Japan to enhance cooperation in the area of patents
The heads of the patent offices of Korea, China, and Japan have agreed to further strengthen their ties in the area of patents.

Commissioner Ho-won Kim of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Commissioner Tian Lipu of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People¡¯s Republic of China (SIPO), and Commissioner Hiroyuki Fukano of the Japan Patent Office (JPO) held their 12th annual meeting on November 7 in Wuxi, China.

The three commissioners agreed to enhance cooperation regarding the IP5 agenda, the patent trial and appeals system, and tribunal experts meetings to respond to common challenges and global issues in the patent field.

Furthermore, they have decided to invite intellectual property user groups of the three countries to participate in the heads meeting, beginning with the next meeting in 2013, so that they may participate in the cooperative activities of the three offices.

Commissioner Kim stated, ¡°By enhancing cooperation among these three East Asian countries, which account for about 50% of patent applications worldwide, we will be able to contribute to the development of global IP systems more actively.¡±

Commissioner Kim also met representatives of China¡¯s State Administration for Industry and Commerce in Wuxi on November 6 (Tuesday). At the meeting, they agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the area of trademarks.

<Obtained from the website of KIPO (http://www.kipo.go.kr/kpo/eng); posted on November 13, 2012>