Super-Accelerated Patent Examination System for Green Technology Going Well for Two Years
- The fastest patent registration took 11 days from application under the super-accelerated patent examination system -

The super-accelerated patent examination system developed to examine patents for green technology (according to Korea¡¯s national policy of low carbon, green growth) within one month, celebrated its second anniversary on October 1.

Patent examination currently takes about 17 months on average in the case of general patents, but if applicants use the super-accelerated patent examination system, the period is cut short to one month, which is the fastest in the world. The fastest patent to be registered through this system is on a ¡®solar energy development system¡¯ from a midsized company and took 11 days from application to registration.

Patents obtained through the system for green technology enables applicants to quickly commercialize them. Since the establishment of the system in October 2009, a total of 278 patent applications were examined through the system as of August this year. Among them, 83 percent commercialized the patents, which is a much higher rate than the 43 percent of general patent applications.

For applicants to use the system, first, the patent must be on a green technology acknowledged by the eight acts related to the environment and energy including the Basic Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth. Second, it must have prior art report carried out by an expert organization designated by KIPO. Third, it must be applied for online.

The system has been highly evaluated by entrepreneurs and was selected as one of the ¡°10 best regulation reforms selected by companies¡± on a survey by the prime ministerial office conducted in February 2011.

<Obtained from the website of KIPO (; posted on October 13, 2011>