KIPO Expands Cooperation Partnership with WIPO
KIPO Commissioner Lee Soo-won met with WIPO Director General Francis Gurry on July 6 in Seoul and agreed to largely expand the cooperation partnership between the two organizations.

During the meeting, Korea disclosed that it would pursue becoming a member of the Hague Agreement concerning the international registration of industrial designs to expand cooperation between the two organizations following that in the areas of international trademarks and patents.

In addition, the two parties decided to expand cooperation for WIPO¡¯s e-PCT project aimed at increasing the convenience for those using international patent systems under the PCT worldwide. The two organizations also agreed to jointly support developing countries in the area of intellectual property (IP).

Gurry¡¯s visit to Korea was held to congratulate Korea¡¯s enactment of the Framework Act on Intellectual Property on April 29 and to discuss expanded cooperation between Korea and WIPO.

KIPO Commissioner Lee said, ¡°We will continue to cooperate closely with WIPO so that Korean companies may use the PCT and Madrid systems more comfortably."

On the other hand, Gurry paid a courtesy visit to the Korean Prime Minister on July 6 and held meetings with the Vice-Minister of culture, sports and tourism, the Mayor of Seoul, and the Korea Patent Attorneys Association. On July 7, he delivered the keynote speech at the ¡°International Seminar on Intellectual Property Strategies for National Development¡± and signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the joint opening of a master's course on IP with Seoul National University. He also held a meeting with the Korea Intellectual Property Association, a gathering of people working on IP rights in major Korean companies.

<Obtained from the website of KIPO (; posted on July 14, 2011>